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Making Beans & Lentils the star of the show!

I eat mostly Gluten & Dairy free and right now the MOST IMPORTANT JOB WE HAVE is to stay healthy! Despite not doing a big shop except for a few veggies, I'm eating like a QUEEN! I'm sharing that 5x each week on my FB Biz Page! 95% of my protein comes from Beans & Lentils and it's different EVERY TIME! I'm a foodie so boring food is not part of my repertoire.

Soaked and ready for cooking I'll use this blog post as a place to drop lots of Bean and Lentil Ideas, so bookmark this one and check back in each week as I continue to add meal ideas to it. Also, be sure to join me EVERY TUESDAY at 6pm Pacific on FB Live for CHEAP EATS! I have 17 types of Beans and Lentils in my house ATM and I'll be sharing and reviewing ideas each week!

First off - HOW YOU COOK your beans and lentils makes a BIG difference to how gassy you are and how easily you digest them! Learn more about that: Cooking Beans and Lentils

A few Bean and Lentil Recipes already up on my Blog

Moth Beans (Matki/Turkish Gram) tossed in 'Pulled Chicken' sauce, served with roasted Veggies


Navy Beans with Pulled Chicken Seasoning - leftovers from Taco's, turned into a dinner salad

Happy Growing, Cooking & Eating!

XO Dana K

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