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My favorite Cookware - Epicure Steamer 101

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Want to maximize your Epicure steamer use or wondering if it would be something you'd use?

My Epicure steamer is my Kitchen Magician. It's how I save a ton of time in the kitchen! I love to eat and while i enjoy cooking a few evenings a week, I also love getting in and out of the kitchen faster. Epicure has 3 steamers. My most used is my Epicure Multipurpose Steamer. There is also Epicure's rectangle Steamer and an Epicure Omelet maker.

Here are my cooking times for my former smaller microwave. My new times are about 20-25% less. Check out this Globe & Mail article summary about Microwave cooking your veg! Have a read, you'll likely be surprised!!

My recommendation when using your steamer is use LESS time than the Epicure enclosed card or my chart says. Then add more time until cooked.

TIP: Tape Epicure's Steamer Card/This chart inside your cupboard and mark it up adjusting to your own cook time.


I adore thawing in my Epicure Steamer!

Normally if you thaw meat in the microwave you end up with weird rubber bits of beef or chicken that you feed to the dog or throw away! Not with your Epicure Steamer. If you 'overthaw' it simply cooks up juicy and delicious!

Epicure's Steamers - Perfect for Thawing!

Make Perogies and Bacon 🥓 in 6 minutes. yes, seriously.

Check out my short video here.

Cook your corn in 5mins with NO CORN HAIR MESS.

This 2 min video has to be seen to be believed! It's been watched 76 thousand times!

Bake your Bread in it!

Sourdough bread needs to be cooked with Steam, rather than steaming your whole oven simply bake your sourdough IN your steamer. Warning, I drop an 's bomb' in the start of this 20 second video as I looked at my first ever sourdough in shock and awe!

Sourdough, Bread in a steamer, Epicure multipurpose Steamer, Steamer, cook with steam
Sourdough Bread in a Epicure Steamer!

Salted Caramel Turtles with only 5 ingredients and no corn syrup!

I love that I can make 'unhealthy' things equally delicious and a bit less bad for me! Find the videos and step by step details here

Turtles Copycat, Epicure steamer, steamer, Steamer Desserts, Dessert Bars, No corn syrup dessert, Easy dessert, Healthy dessert, 5 ingredient or less
A little better for you Salted Caramel Turtles

Make 20 Min Salted Java Roca (Almond Roca's Caffeinated Salty Cousin)

20 minute desserts, Easy deswsert, Steamer, Epicure steamer, Steamer, Almond Roca, Mocha Roca, Roca
Salted Java Roca (Almond Roca's Caffeinated Salty Cousin)

Coconut Lime Fudge/Nougat - A random creation from my kitchen

Epicure Steamer, Steamer, Steamer Dessert, Coconut, lime, Easy dessert, Light dessert, Summer dessert, Fresh dessert
Steamer Desserts

Cook your yams in mere minutes, no need to have the oven on an hour!

Popcorn Balls or Rice Krispie treats with NO MESSY CLEANUP!

This steamer really has changed my life! Find the video and recipe here

Heat your Corn Tortillas to make them soft and supple

Corn tortillas often crack if you don't have warm them. The Epicure steamer is perfect for this. Details are here on my Gourmet Steak Tacos on a budget

Reheated my dinner! Cook Once Eat Thrice is my motto!

I Love to eat 💜 but don’t love to spend lots of time in the kitchen, so I always make extra!! I realized I had somewhere to be asap... In the steamer for 1 min and my food is hot without drying out & the microwave is still clean!

PS! When you make extra's, call it meal prep, not leftovers. Now you're a freaking genius / kitchen badass!

Use them in the OVEN up to 450!

My daughter got in a baking mood last night!

She used the steamer to cook the cinnamon rolls. The rolls pop right out and will be super easy to clean up! And yes she made a sticky bottom for them & the sticky bottom sticks to the rolls instead of the dish!

Speedy ‘oatmeal’ made with Quinoa

Oats make me feel hungry & irritate my arthritis, so I make my oatmeal with cooked Quinoa, although the recipe gives both options. Find details here

RICE, even brown rice can be cooked in your steamer

My Sprouted Grains and Lentils recipe is a family favourite! It’s a sprouted rice blend so it’s speedy to cook even with brown rice.

Brown Rice & Lentils in Epicure's Steamer

Cook an Omelet in 2 mins!

Do you or your kids struggle to eat a hot high protein breakfast?

Good Food Real Results Omelet Breakfast
Epicure Omelet in steamer

Eggs in the #steamer are light and fluffy and can be on the plate in minute! You can cook eggs in the traditional shaped Epicure's Omelet steamer OR in either of your other steamers.

You can watch my video here

Soup in minutes!

Chicken noodle soup? Sure! I pop raw chicken, broth, veg and noodles into my steamer and cook approx 8-10 mins.

Check out my 10 Minute Steamer Soup recipe here

Check out my recipe for Thai Coconut Squash Soup here

Delicious Chicken Tortilla Soup here

Happy Growing, Cooking & Eating! 💜 Dana K

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