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Best little lentil you never heard of!

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

A cute tasty nearly miraculously healthy lentil with craziest name - Horse Gram in English! It's the highest protein & calcium lentil on the planet, high in iron, insulin friendly & prized in Ayurvedic cuisine. I got them at my local indian market, a gem on Asher rd in Kelowna, look for Kulthi Dal.

These are a fantastic source of plant-based protein and one cup is perfect portion for Good Food Real Results. I'm so dang excited to be back on track today, healthy habits ahead! I committed to 50% plant based eating (I used to be Paleo) and have been exploring Beans and Lentils

Like all pulses/legumes, they have lectins and anti-nutrients, so you need to cook them well and sprouting is advised to increase the body's ability to take up the iron and calcium.

1 cup raw horse gram lentils = 3 cups cooked


  • 1 cup Horse Gram Lentils. Soak overnight, starting with hot water (gives it a little boost).

  • In the morning, change your water for fresh and pop them in the fridge to start sprouting. They can sit in water in the fridge up to 24hrs.

  • Put them through one bean cycle on your Instant Pot with a tsp of Herbed Garlic Salt

  • A lentil is properly cooked when it holds it's shape but doesn't have any starchy texture remaining. When starchy texture remains you aren't absorbing nutrients properly.

Garlic and Onion Horse Gram Lentils - 3 servings

  1. Saute your onion in Olive Oil until nicely carmelized

  2. Add your cooked lentils and 1/3 cup water & your seasonings.

  3. Simmer/saute until well heated and tasty.

  4. Season with salt as needed.

I served mine with Dorothy's Sauerkraut, Sauteed Kalette's with SPG, and pickled turnip.

Happy Growing, Cooking & Eating!

XO Dana K

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