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Epicure's Power Up Protein - A dozen+ fav recipes

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Frankly, I'm obsessed with both Epicure Chocolate and Vanilla proteins. They're plant based and super silky, which always shocks my plant based customers. I typically have the chocolate one in my breakfast bowl or use both in my iced capp (slushy coffee for the non-Canadians). Both are also delish in the breakfast cake too.

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Epicure Smoothie Bowl


A long term favorite jazzed up with the new Lemon Curd. Get Cooking


Basically when your vanilla smoothie and your coffee have a love child! Had the first one today. Loved, will make again! Would be DELISH with some chai spice too. Pair it with a banana for a powerhouse nutrition-packed breakfast. It's been 5hrs and I'm just starting to consider what I'll eat in a while. #hellyeah

  • 1 Scooo Epicure's Power Up Vegan Protein Powder (use the Chocolate for a Mocha Latte!)

  • 2-3 Tsp Instant Coffee - depends on how much java juice you need (OR Strong brew coffee & less milky business👇🏽)

  • Honey or fav sweetener to taste

  • 1 tsp of Vanilla

  • Pinch of salt - Optional but brings out the flavors

  • Milky Business. You do you, add enough to your own liking ~ 3 cups total bevy.

    • I used a big dollop of homemade cashew cream and then enough water to bring my mason jar up to ~ 3 cups.

Put the lid on, shake shake shake. Heat - Mine took approx 3 mins and I made it in glass so I could heat it in my microwave. Enjoy.

PROTEIN BALLS - energy on the go!

Get the recipe plus find Power Up Bliss Balls here!


I have this most mornings. I rarely eat the same lunch or dinner twice but I adore how awesome I feel and how many hours I stay full after this breakfast. I love the Coffee Version, but skip it if not a coffee person! Steamy Mocha Breakfast Bowl


Chocolate Tahini Smoothie - Chocolate and Tahini are a match made in heaven

Protein Loaded Vanilla Iced Capp 👇🏽


Find DOZENS of Smoothies at Here are a few favorites!

Green Machine Smoothie - I wasn't expecting to be a fan, but it's DELISH

PROTEIN BARS / Cookies etc

Protein Power Petites - Make ahead protein on the go!

Sleeping Beauty Oat Cakes - can use regular flour instead of the Bagel Mix

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