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I grew up in the north, Faro Yukon.  My dad was a gardener, learning it from his parents in Newfoundland.  Summer was short, we grew mostly potato and cabbage, or at least that's what I remember!

6 yrs ago in fall I decided to go after the life I wanted, after all, I'm in charge of me!  I uprooted my family from our 7 year old custom built 'dream home' in the 'city' with its postage-stamp-sized yard where I was growing my veggies in rubbermaid totes.  Within 2 months of starting our search we moved into a 35yo home that needed lots of lipstick, with a weedy sloped acre surrounded by trees and backed by 200 acres of forest.  My friends & family thought I had truly lost my mind.

The transformation began!  Turns out the house was a nightmare purchase, which I've since ripped apart and put much of it back together.  I'll share some of those stories, it's quite incredible!

When spring rolled around I couldn't wait to tackle the yard.  I was dismayed to discover it was mostly clay filled with rocks.  Digging a hole for just one plant was challenging.  What did I get myself into?  A painstaking process with lots of hired labor!

Right, so I call it lazy gardening!  Doing the initial work is not lazy, that's serious labor!  I hired fantastic labor from Facebook groups, yes seriously, and had people do the digging etc while I worked my business.  I know how to use my time & money wisely!


Maintenance is where I take a proactive approach to the common repetitive tasks.  Pest control, Thinning, Weeding, Irrigating, Soil supplementation / fertilizing, prepping soil in spring, tearing the garden down in fall, planting annuals (hello self-seeding!).  I'll share details on those processes in my blog & link them here once written. Here's a link to the Garden section of my blog

My garden:
🐝 is significantly focused on food for birds, bees and humans.  My goal is to produce significantly more than we can possibly eat so that it can be donated.
💪🏽is heavily companion planted for lazy pest control
🌸 has flowers and veg interplanted in a flowing landscape way

🥦has no rows of vegetables, except corn.  My garden is a polyculture.  Rosemary, rhubarb and strawberries flourish under  / around the apple and plum tree, for example

🌱 uses crop rotation to minimize pests and maximize soil nutrition
💦 has gutter creeks running through the start of my food forest
🥬 has an inground greenhouse for year-round growing and harvesting (yes, even in Canada)
💧 Has a 3 level retaining wall pond with food hydroponics
💪🏽Focuses heavily on reusing items in my environment
🐔 has a chicken garden with both food for the chickens & helpful pest repellent herbs
💦 Is watered by 1/4" drip irrigation despite having no in-ground sprinkler system

🧱 Uses unique plantings and structures as privacy screens
😄 Has a super fun climbers & hammock arbor

🌿 has a 'pool' garden with massive climbing arches and a 10' tall bean wall.


The most common questions I get are: 'did you have this vision when you started' & 'What did you do each year to end up like this'.  I totally DID NOT have this vision when I started.  Each year another piece of it came into play.  I knew I wanted certain things although I didn't have this clear picture of what that would look like, I'm often pleasantly surprised when I step out on my back deck and look down!  So I'm including details here for those looking to tackle their own property. 


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