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I'm a proud Mom of 3, Executive Director & Independent Consultant, business coach & trainer, lover of food, GFRR enthusiast (70lbs lost!), recipe blogger, avid gardener, traveler, & volunteer.  I went from painfully shy to confident and now speak in front of hundreds with ease. One of the many unexpected gifts my business has given me.  

Epicure won the Taste Test

In Nov 1993 I discovered Sylvie at a fair.  As a 25yo frugal foodie I determined that Sylvie’s mixes were the best available. I went back each Nov for more. Even after I moved 4hrs away, I loved her products so much I drove to this annual Craft Fair to get more.

I was NEVER going to do a party…
In 1998 I discovered that Epicure was now in 'Home Parties' so it would be easier to get!  When I learned that consultants get a 25% discount... WHOO HOO, I’ll sign up and save on my spices!  I had NO intention of doing parties.  I was too shy and I was a home party snob, I didn’t go (as they were boring), didn’t host (again boring & high pressure) had no idea of how the industry actually worked. I really thought that the ladies doing home parties did it for free plastic and candles for their own use. I had no idea it could be a viable living! When my sponsor told me she sold $400 in one evening, with a small catalogue with little or no cookware I thought ‘NO WAY, that’s 60+ spices… wait… that’s $100 profit!

From painfully shy, to MC-ing a wedding!
I was so shy I couldn’t even go up the microphone at my sister’s wedding and congratulate her in front of family...  To my shock, a friend asked to have an Epicure class so I decided to do one ONLY for her. One of my closest friends laughed with me, she knew I’d failed public speaking in College!  I survived the first class and wanted the money, so I decided to do even more.  For my first year it was SO painful; I’d sweat and stammer and turn bright red. People wanted the spices, so they kept booking and I kept making money... so I kept doing them. It got easier, I enjoyed it more and couldn’t wait until my next one.  I was having so much fun sharing the business and the products. 5 years after I started, I actually was the MC for my girlfriend’s wedding (the same college friend who laughed in shock!) and now can train in front of groups of hundreds with ease! 

Ditched the day job 3 years in!
My Epicure income allowed me to quit my well-paying 50 hour a week day job to work from home with my 2 small children.  I’ve now been an Epicure consultant 21yrs!  I raised my 3 fabulous children (now a teen & 2 adults) as a single parent, and they came to love this business as much as I do.  They were able to play whatever sport they enjoyed, travel to fabulous destinations, AND they had mom home when they walked in the door from school.

They also loved the chance to earn extra money by working for me & I loved the tax write-offs I got for hiring them!  They stickered my catalogues from a young age and moved on to bagging orders (before the days of direct ship!), and worked in my office.

When my marriage crumbled in 2005 I didn't worry about making ends meet. What a blessing!  Within 2 yrs of becoming a single parent, I built my dream house in the city for the kids and I, that we enjoyed for 7 years.  We now live in the countryside so I could also live my dream lifestyle. 💜

With Epicure I earn a generous 6 figure income that allows me so many time and financial freedoms.  I’m the most unlikely person to have achieved this type of success, and I love nothing more than showing my team how to reach for whatever dreams they have!  


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