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Consultant Resources

I've shared dozens of consultant resources on our Leader and Consultant FB pages over the years, this page is an accumulation of them.

More resources will be added as time allows.  

Fundraising with Google Forms


COPY & edit my form with this link
Watch me edit a form here

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Short & Catchy Cooking Vids - How To

How to turn a hyperlapse or any cooking demo into a shorter video, perfect for a quick watch in a class

Canva Basics for Direct Sellers

A quick overview of how to do simple things on Canva, this will shave so much time off your learning curve


Facebook Business Page Shop

Step by Step written instructions for how to set up your FB Shop. Thanks to Bri Westhaver & Deanna Parriott

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Do you work on computer?

To save thousands of us all from downloading and uploading, I do it and share it in this Google Drive

Epicure's Constant Contact -how to

How I use CC and Epicure's templates to keep in touch with my customers.

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Text Replacement - Total Game Changer!  NEVER type the same things more than once!

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VIEW sheet here: https://bit.ly/3tx2ad1
CLICK on photo to copy a version for yourself

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