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Why Epicure
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Learn more about Epicure from our CEO, in this short video.

We are passionate about what's in our jars, as well as what’s not!  Check out our Never Ever list

Become a better cook… Seriously.  Epicure’s spice blends will reduce sodium and fillers in your meals, and will make cooking faster and more intuitive.  I’ll even come show you how to put the meal together!  Far away?  No problem, I do the same free classes over Facebook Live!  Fun Right?

Save money on groceries... Our meal kits average only $2.50 - 3.50 per serving, ready in 20-30 min.  And yes, it’s all real whole foods!  That beats take-out hands down!  Our Cooking Classes showcase our Meal Kits and time saving cookware.  My average host saves $150-200 on their Epicure...yup, I really have the best job!  Host your own fun interactive taste test in your home or office, I promise great food, laughs and learning.  Simply pick up a few groceries & I bring the spices and cookware.  As a group we whip up the meal you chose in under 30mins. Fun with friends while eating and learning time saving tricks and then shopping for free... how could it get better than that?


Earn money for what you’re passionate about... we have numerous ways to help you fundraise, from cooking classes, to online shopping and an exception fundraising program!

Live your epic healthy life... our Good Food Real Results healthy menu plan has me feeling more vibrant at 51 than I have in years!  I’m also 70 lbs smaller.


Epicure is more than great spices & shopping for free!   It’s everything from an incredible side-gig to multiple 6 figure income careers.  I left my day job almost 17yrs ago to raise my 3 kids... solely on my Epicure income! 

Income & Fun... When you start your own Epicure gig you can make a great income while giving you an excuse to get out of the house (was that only me?), some amazing tax write-offs, and a whole lot of fun!

Earn a vacation every year… Does your job reward you each year with a tropical vacation? Mine does!  Most recently Portugal, St. Lucia, Jamaica, Disney World and the Mayan Riviera.

Feel good about giving back… Does your company have a corporate policy to leave the earth better than they found it, or incorporate Giving Back with time & love into every aspect of their business? Is your company family-owned and led by women? Epicure is. Heart is behind every decision!

Have enough time for everything important to you… How many single parents with crazy schedules and 3 children do you know that are able to be home when their kids walk in the door from school, can put their kids into expensive sports, build their dream home, and travel regularly to fabulous locations? That’s my LIFE! I run a 6.5 million dollar Epicure business and my goal is to teach everyone in my Organization how to run their business, so it can support them in achieving their dreams!

Support that is second to none... Peers that cheer you on rather than step on you to achieve their own success...   That’s what it’s like to own an Epicure business!  I offer exceptional training, coaching and support for my team of entrepreneurs, including Live Coast to Coast Meetings, recorded videos & one on one coaching. 


Check out what some people have to say about working with me.  Check our my FB Reviews & my Google Reviews

" of the greatest joys of my working career."

When I first became a Consultant, I was “Green”, didn’t know anything about Epicure other than we LOVED and used the Products.  It seemed like a good fit for me, and Dana was my “Rock”.  She was always there to answer questions, help me with a multitude of advice, training, sponsoring tips.  Dana’s guidance got me thru my first 6 months and she patiently listened and supported me in every way. She encouraged me when I needed it and walked beside me and watched me soar to Leadership!  My years with Dana & Epicure have enriched my life. I have made many new Epicure friends across Canada, gained wonderful Clients and I have an amazing Team, which I  love to help.  Home Office & Dana have given me endless support and I am privileged during my life time to have experienced Epicure and “Life” training from the BEST!  Home Office and Dana are like family…they REALLY DO CARE about us and our success!   Epicure was definitely the right choice for me! Thank you Dana! 

♥   Linda Donhauser.  Leader “Nice & Spicy Team”

Being a part of Dana’s team and Epicure has been one of the greatest joys of my working career. I started in Epicure after watching Dana do a party and I was at a point in with my career where I was going nowhere and answering to a very domineering boss. My girls were little and I was missing out on so much time with them, coming home exhausted and stressed out everyday. I saw an opportunity and from the very beginning Dana has been the best Coach, Mentor, Motivator and now friend too! The training is fantastic and ongoing as much or a little as I have needed both from Epicure and from Dana. My family is grown now and we have received many gifts in many ways with my business, whether it was to help pay for University or  Rep Hockey Fees, or to teach us all how to set goals and be a home of positive thinkers! I am grateful everyday for the day I made the decision to join this amazing company and to work with Dana!  

-Tracey O, Leader – Amazing Spice Chix.  Tracey retired in 2017 and was sorely missed.  Now that Epicure USA has launched, she's back and building a team again!  💜

I just wanted to write and say how PROUD I am of being an Epicure Consultant and a part of your Organization!!  With the support & training you have given me over the years (especially with the distance we live apart) – I truly value your strengths & knowledge.  If you hadn’t taken me under your wing many years ago (11 to be exact!) – who know where I would have waywardly gone!  Epicure provides great training as well – with monthly calls and training from Regional Sales Trainers – I have grown tremendously with my business!  Not to mention the valuable training I ALWAYS receive from Conference as well!! My Epicure business has provided me with the opportunity to become full-time self-employed.  Paying for a lot of our monthly bills & any EXTRAS that seem to come up on a regular basis!!  I am truly blessed. 

-Helen Johnson, Hot & Sassy Success Team

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