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In Oct 2021 I decided to move cross country from BC to Nova Scotia - you can see a Macleans article on that here

I'd found the PERFECT location for my new Eco Oasis - Fox Point Lake in Mill Cove, Nova Scotia. I started work here on the property in Spring 2022 & it's been one heck of a busy summer & fall!

My Plan:

  • Cove Cottage Studio Suite is open & taking bookings for 2023

  • Cove Cottage Bunkie - Rustic Chic will be opening in late Spring 2023

  • Plant a food forest to feed the next generations on this land as well as neighbors. So far... over 100 nuts, fruit trees, every kind of bush, berry or cane I could find, asparagus, and herbs galore. I have plans for many more

  • Feed myself, my guests and neighbors with delicious free range eggs while the chickens fertilize

  • Employ Chickens as natural pest control, including tick duty - DO check yourself though!!

  • Keep the majority of the wilderness part of the property (16+acres) as original wild forest

  • Bring the cleared part of the property back to life by never mowing again, encouraging native wildflowers, especially host plants. Adding cut flower gardens so people can bring beauty home.

  • Eradicating all invasive plants. I took 1700lb of invasive ditch lilies to the dump, they were marching into the forest. (I also donated over 100 non-invasive Daylilies and Asian lilies to local lily lovers. - They're pretty but don't give food to humans or local animals so they are gracing other gardens. 

  • Bring in native habitat plants to house and feed local bees, butterflies and birds, etc.

  • Work with the local critters to live alongside them - I have a specific Groundhog Phlox Garden for example & have protected my fav trees from the beavers. We'll see how this works out!

  • Use natural-style drainage creeks in low-lying areas - they'll saturate the soil & water the plants - 3 of these creeks were installed this year

  • Use Hugelkultur Berms to both capture and redirect water. These grow food for humans & animals. 

  • Collect Dozens of bags of leaves from the community to build leaf mold and compost for next year

  • Collect trailer loads of seaweed from local beaches to help build soil

  • Collect as much pine shavings as possible - for paths through the wildflowers and soil building

cove cottage (12).png
Screenshot 2022-12-29 200435.png
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