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Easy Zucchini Fritters GF!

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

This was the first thing to disappear off the dinner platter and my 21 called first thing this morning to ask for the recipe! When I said Zucchini he was SHOCKED, lol. See, don't tell your kids what they're eating!!!

Pesto Zucchini Fritters

I'm using a Tromboncini zucchini, which is quite firm and has no seeds. If you haven't grown this yet I highly recommend! It's a vine, mine is 20' long and has over a dozen giant swirly zucchini on it. This one below as SEVEN lbs! I'm cutting chunks off and sharing with neighbors, lol



  • I found it much faster to slice the Zucchini on my Epicure Mandolin as julienne than to grate it AND it stood up better to the heat! See that happening here on my FB Live video in my public customer group.

  • Put your shredded Zucchini into a colander and put on a tsp of salt & mix through, this draws out the moisture. Allow it to drain off the excess liquid. Because Tromboncini are such a solid Zucchini very little water comes off. I got less than 2 Tbsp after 1.5 hrs with a weight, so I pressed my zucchini with a tea towel to remove the excess. A regular zucchini will release much more!

  • Combine zucchini with remaining ingredients.

  • Melt butter & oil, drop zucchini mix in by spoonfuls and flatten out. Hit with a dash of Herbed Garlic Salt. Cook until crispy on each side. See them being cooked here in my FB live video of making my Lazy No Boil Rustic Potato Salad, they're shown at 28 seconds!

  • Devour!

PS, the platter below was dinner for 6 and there wasn't a drop left, at least 4 Zucchini fritters per person VANISHED! Buttermilk Chicken 2 ways, Pesto Zucchini Fritters, Lazy No Boil Rustic Potato Salad, Sauteed Beet Greens with Herbed Garlic Salad and fresh Lemon! Dessert was GF Summer Berry Shortcake and we enjoyed a Hibiscus Bliss Mojito as our beverage!

To Perfectly Balance for Good Food Real Results using BYOD as a guide:

  • a portion of protein (ie, 1 cup chick peas or 1/2 c of chicken)

  • a portion of grain/starch (1/2 c rice, corn, yam, etc)

  • Your Healthy Fat is taken care of, add 1.5 -2 cups more veggies

Happy Growing, Cooking & Eating! 💜 Dana K

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