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Hibiscus Bliss Mojito (or Fauxhito)

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

The best Mojito's start with a simple syrup, are loaded with fresh mint and topped with fizzy water and are super easy to make! It's the perfect drink on a hot summer days! This Mojito works beautifully with Epicure's Blue Butterfly Tea as well.

Epicure Blue Butterfly tea made into fauxhito
Blue Butterfly Fauxhito - right one has lime added to turn it pink

Ingredients: Hibiscus Bliss Tea, 1/2 c sugar, mint, 1 lime, Ice cubes, club soda

Make your Simple Syrup:

Bring to the boil (I typically put it in my Epicure rectangular steamer and cook 1 min or boil in multipot). Let this steep /cool down and pour into an Epicure cruet or glass car for easy pouring or spooning.

To make your Mojito - in a tall glass

  • 1-3 Tsp of Simple Syrup

  • A handful of fresh mint

  • Ice Cubes

Muddle - Mix around to bruise the mint and release flavor - if you don't own a muddler, a spoon works!

ADD: Sparking Water or Club soda to the top of your glass

Drizzle on a bit more Simple Syrup

Squeeze in some fresh lime using your Epicure Citrus Press!

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