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Thai Coconut Squash Soup

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

On the table in 12 mins. Seriously. I roasted extra squash for thanksgiving with this plan. Make in 20-25 mins with fresh squash.

Thai Coconut Squash Soup
Thai Coconut Squash Soup


*3/4 lb roasted kabocha squash *3 cups Epicure broth, 1 cup coconut milk *1 pkg Epicure's Thai Red Curry *1 Tbsp soy sauce

Cook 5 lid on. 2 off. Blend - I used my immersion blender. Add juice of a lime.

Top each bowl with Cilantro (or Thai Basil). Add a dash of Epicure's Chili Flakes & Garlic for extra heat.


This can be done with raw squash! Put all soup ingredients except coconut milk in your Epicure Multipurpose steamer. The squash does not need to be covered by the liquid. Put the lid on and cook 10 mins or until fork tender. Add coconut milk. Blend. #squash #fall #garden #epicure #vegan #vegetarian #epiclife

Roasted squash with Epicure Thai red curry in Epicure multipurpose steamer
Thai Coconut Squash Soup

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