Sweet & Savory Thai Chicken with seasoned sticky rice

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Thai is my favorite cuisine hands down. Enjoy this quick and flavorful Thai meal.

Thai Chicken using Epicure's Pad Thai

Thai Chicken ✔️4 Tbsp(1/2 pkg) Epicure's Pad Thai Mix ✔️Juice of 3 limes ✔️2 Tbsp rice vinegar ✔️2 tsp fish sauce ✔️10 chicken thighs

Combine above using 3 tbsp of your Pad thai mix & only 2 limes. Coat chicken well.

Grill or bake. Sprinkle with a bit more Pad Thai & lime juice in the last minute of cooking.

Note. There is sugar in the Pad Thai Mix so if frying keep an eye on it!

I enjoy eating this meal with my Quick Pickled Thai Salad. Click here.

Thai Sticky Rice in Epicure's Steamer

Thai Sticky Rice

✔️ 1 cup Thai rice (I used Rooster sweet) ✔️ 2 c water ✔️ 1 Tbsp each Epicure's Miso broth ✔️ 2 tsp soy sauce ✔️ 1 Tbsp Epicure's 3 Onion Soak in Epicure's Multipurpose Steamer while you prep chicken, 1/2 the liquid will suck up into the rice before you cook it.

Cook 10 mins, lid on, no tray.

Sticky Thai Rice and Thai Chicken

Sticky Thai Rice with Thai Chicken and Thai Pickle

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