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Speedy Flavorful Fajitas.

I'm all about the Tacos or Fajitas. We eat them regularly here and it's often a mishmash of what I have at home. This is one version. Also, check out Pulled Chicken Taco's & Steak Tacos with Jicama Pineapple Salsa

Fajita with epicure fajita, Guacamole and turmeric pepper.


✔️Caramelized onions with Epicure's Turmeric Pepper

✔️Yellow and Orange peppers seasoned with Epicure's Fajita Seasoning

✔️Rotisserie chicken chunks & a splash of Epicure's chicken broth were used to de-glaze the pan = 😍 in 2 mins

✔️Guacamole Crema - 🥑 were 😩, so Guacamole Crema to the rescue

✔️I steamed my 2 corn tortillas for 20 seconds in Epicure's Multipurpose Steamer so they were super soft & supple.


  • Slice onions on your Mandolin and fry up with Butter/Oil & Turmeric Pepper

  • While onions are caramelizing chop the peppers.

  • Sauté peppers with Fajita while you chop up the cooked chicken

  • Add a splash of Epicure's chicken broth to de-glaze the onion and peppers pan.

  • Add your cooked chicken AND any chicken drippings = BIG flavor in minutes 😍 in 2 mins

Combine all these delicious components into your tortillas and devour!

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