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Smoky Mojo Chickpeas

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Meal prep last night was delicious! Inspired by Samin Nosrat. Watch Salt Fat Acid Heat on Netflix!!

My mantra every time I grab food is ‘Will this fuel me?’ Big plans need big nutrition!

I’m obsessed with this. I made it a few days ago and I HAD to have it again. Seriously. Buy these ingredients. If you live close to me come by and ask for a sample! Lol

Smoky Mojo Chickpeas made with Epicure Smoky Mojo Sauce Mix


✔️3 cups cooked Chickpeas*

✔️1-2 T water ✔️2 tsp avocado or olive oil ✔️1 tsp Epicure's Sriracha Salt OR Classic Epicure Herbed Garlic Salt ✔️2 T Epicure's Mojo Sauce Mix ✔️Juice of 2 limes (2-3 Tbsp) OR 2 Tbsp your favorite vinegar


Sauté chickpeas in avocado oil, then add the remaining ingredients and simmer until a bit crunchy and all flavours pop.

UPDATE: I make this so often now that I simply put all ingredients in my steamer and cook for 2-4 mins. DONE!

*I used Desi Chickpeas which are smaller, darker and have a nutty flavour. IN LOVE! I soaked them a day until they started to sprout (changed water twice), then cooked them in my instant pot, it was almost full. There’s only a handful left. 😁

Epicure smoky mojo obsessed

Happy Growing, Cooking & Eating! 💜 Dana K

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