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Salted Caramel Nut bars

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Aka, ‘turtles’. With DIY Caramel! If you’re going to indulge do it with these easy to make bars with 5 simple ingredients & no corn syrup!

Caramel made in a steamer and molded in Epicure perfect petites.
Salted Caramel Nut Bars


✔️2 handfuls of mixed nuts. I use Kirkland Salted whole nuts

✔️1 cup salted butter

✔️1 cup brown sugar (I was out of brown so used regular)

✔️1 cup creamed honey

✔️~1 cup Belgian chocolate chips

✔️ Himalayan salt crystals for topping


Add 4-6 nuts to each hole of your Epicure Perfect Petites (or place in a pile on Epicure's Bake & Roll or Parchment Paper)

Nuts in the bottom of Perfect petites Pan
Building The Bars

Melt butter & sugar. I melted mine in my Epicure MultiPurpose Pot. Once the sugar granules were dissolved I moved it to my Epicure MultiPurpose Steamer. I’m not fantastic at standing and stirring without burning! If you’re good at that, finish yours on the stove!

Add honey & stir until melted.

Cook your caramel to med-ball stage (google! If not familiar).

I cooked mine in one min increments (x 3) stirring in between, followed by 30 seconds to get to med ball.

Cooking your caramel in your Epicure Steamer makes it EASY. No burning & it doesn’t stick!!

Using your Epicure Spoon Spatula (nothing sticks) pour hot Caramel onto your mixed nuts. Top with Belgian Chocolate Chips, give them a min or two to melt and then spread. I didn’t bother to try to keep it clean! The bars look fantastic without fussing!!

Letting the bars cool before popping out of perfect petites
Letting Bars Cool

The chocolate flakes fall right off once set and I saved it to melt for future baking.

Extra Chocolate flakes to save for next recipe
Extra Chocolate

Let set until chocolate is firm before popping them easily out of your Epicure petites pan!

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