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'Hell ya' Mexican Salted Chocolate Pudding

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

HELL YA is what I said when I had my first luscious spoonful. I gave my daughter some. She mmmm'd then oooohh'd with a big smile and look of surprise. I gave Kathleen a bowl to do photos with, she ate it. Ha Ha. It's so rich and creamy you'd never believe it's Vegan!

My favourite chocolate bars when I buy them are Lindt Salted Dark Chocolate & Chili Chocolate. This is the perfect combination of them both

Super easy peasy, rich chocolate flavor, with 'hell ya' notes of heat.

Combine and whisk 2-3mins. Set aside.


Now where's the thing. This all natural pudding has an unusual texture when it's first mixed up. If I was making it for company i'd make it a couple hours to a day ahead. The next day it's SILKY Smooth, as show below. Even after 1/2hr rest it's a much smoother texture.

Immediately 30 Mins 8hrs (different light!)

Happy Growing, Cooking & Eating! 💜 Dana K

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