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GF Lemon 🍋 Honey Cake

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Lemony, fluffy & nicely moist & dense at the same time. Fudgy almost. 😍

It’s a variation of a fudgy lemon crackle cookie I love.

The yellow colour in my bars is from my lemon & the rich deep colour of my farm fresh egg yolk. No food colouring added!

Mix & cook in your rectangle steamer:

Gluten Free Lemon Honey Cake Ingredients
Lemon Honey Cake Ingredients

✔️1/4 c cream cheese ✔️3 Tbsp salted butter ✔️1/4 c creamed honey (can be made with sugar but the honey binds better)

Microwave 20 seconds to soften cream cheese & partially melt butter so it’s easier to mix.

Add: ✔️Dash of salt ✔️1 lg egg yolk ✔️Zest of a 1/2 a lemon- remember give your lemon a good washing first! PS. I used more than half although would be too much for some!

Combine well, creaming with your spatula.

Stir in: ✔️3 T Lemon juice (not Meyer lemons, not tart enough) ~ 1 lg lemon. Epicure citrus press makes this easy!

Stir in: ✔️1/2 c Epicure’s bagel mix

Mix well. The baking powder in the mix will react with the lemon. If you taste it now it will be fizzy & funky.

🔥 Tip. Key to GF baking- letting it sit ~30 mins really improves the texture.

Set aside for 5 mins to fizz. Mine puffed up quite a bit. Stir again really well deflating many bubbles. Chill 30 mins. This helps keep the moist almost fudgey quality after cooking while removing any grittiness. My daughter was shocked it was GF!!

Cook 2 mins in microwave, lid on. Mine is quite fast, so it could be up to 3 mins for you. It’s best to leave it a tad soft in middle.

Gluten Free Lemon Honey Cake out of the microwave that has been cooked in the Rectangle Steamer
Lemon Honey Cake

Coat with icing sugar. Cool. devour.

NOTE: If you prefer not to use the icing sugar add more honey to the batter.

If you try baking it in the oven or without the deflation step, please report back!!

Gluten Free Steamer Lemon Honey Cake
Gluten Free Lemon Honey Cake

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