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Epicure launched an INCREDIBLE caramel sauce & I turned into actual Caramel! Find the classic sauce recipe here! I DID try cooking the sauce more to get a hard ball / soft crack but that's not the best way to make actual caramel, so I did my own thing. Many caramel recipes online require Corn Syrup, well that's not something I cook with, so I played around and this is the glorious 3 ingredient, make it in your steamer in minutes, result!

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Homemade Caramel Apples

3 EASY INGREDIENTS 1 Pkg Epicure's Caramel Sauce

1/2 cup Butter, melted

1/2 cup Creamed Honey (I have NOT tried it with regular honey)

The keys to a great caramel: 1) melting your sugars 2) Cooking without burning on the bottom!

  • Melting your sugars - The natural sugar chunks in Epicure's caramel mix are large & take longer to melt. This an optional but helpful step If you blitz down the sugars to a smaller size, this is very helpful! I tossed my pkg in my bullet for 15 seconds. OR Crush in a Mortar & Pestle, or even use a rolling pin or mallet to break them up.

  • Not burning the bottom - The Steamer makes cooking without burning a breeze

Let's get on with it!

  • Melt your butter in your MP steamer, add in your caramel sauce mix and honey. Combine well.

  • Melt your sugars - if you are starting with coarse sugar crystals rather than breaking them up, this will take a bit more finesse. Your caramel can start to cook (firm up) BEFORE the crystals melt, giving you crystalized caramel, so cook slowly and stir more. I cook my caramel approx 20-30 seconds at a time stirring well after each mini cook. Keep taste testing and once you feel no more sugar grains you're ready to roll (this will be under 2 mins if you crushed them first).

  • Determine your cook stage - Do you want a chewy caramel for turtles, coating an apple or just eating? Go for HARD BALL. Do you want a harder 'crack' type caramel? Use a cooking thermometer OR the cold water test to get the right doneness. Learn more about candy cooking stages here!

  • Cook your caramel - this takes no more than 3 mins in my microwave to hard-ball stage, but each microwave is so different! I start with 1 minute at a time, then drop to 30 seconds as it gets closer to completing. I do the cold water test so I can eat the test results - that's more fun than a thermometer! 😉 You CAN do this on a stove top, but need to keep the heat low until melted then stir constantly. That's not my style.

COATING MY APPLES: My first 2 apples were coated at MED Ball stage. Then I cooked to hard ball and did 2 more

The right tools for the job - Epciure's SILICON makes working with sticky caramel a BREEZE!

Use your caramel

Pour your completed caramel into your Perfect petites & top with salt for Salted Caramels!

Make Salted Caramel Nut Bars

  • Add 4-5 nut chunks (I used the salted mixed nuts from Costco) to each hole of your Perfect Petites pan.

  • Using your Epicure Spoon Spatula (nothing sticks) pour hot Caramel onto your mixed nuts.

  • Top with Belgian Chocolate Chips, give them a min or two to melt and then spread. I didn’t bother to try to keep it clean! The bars look fantastic without fussing!!

  • The extra chocolate flakes fall right off once set and I saved it to melt for future baking.

Coat your Candy Apples! I sprinkled mine with Tutti Fruiti and Cocoa Crunch. Of course, I used a twig for the candy apple stem!

REMEMBER - your Epicure caramel sauce is GLORIOUS used per the pkg as well!

FIND more uses for your steamer here:

Happy Growing, Cooking & Eating! 💜 Dana K

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