🚨Chocolate for Breakfast! Always 😎

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Chocolate and I love each other. This recipe is how I get a healthy nutritionally balanced Chocolate Fix. This is my go-to breakfast and is a riff off of GFRR Overnight Oats as I find I'm ravenous within an hour of eating oats, so no oats for me! When I'm travelling I bring cooked Quinoa and just make it with hot water run through my hotel coffee maker.

Chocolate Breakfast Bowl


✔1/2 Cup Quinoa

✔1/2 scoop Epicure's Protein Powder

✔1 scoop Epicure's Cocoa Acai

✔1 tsp Potato Starch (This makes it thick and creamy!)

✔3/4 cup Cashew milk (or water)

Mix together and microwave 2 mins. Stir well. It will thicken up more within a minute or so.


✔1 cup fruit - my fav is frozen mixed berries. When I travel I add 1 sliced banana

✔1/2 cup Greek Yogurt flavored with your Fav Classic Epicure sweet dip mix - I used Summer Berry

✔1.5 Tbsp Pumpkin Seeds (or 1 Tbsp Nut Butter) I prefer the crunch of the Pumpkin seeds PLUS they're a fantastic source of iron!

✔1-2 tsp of Classic Epicure Cocoa Crunch

Devour with a huge smile!

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