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Butter Oatmeal Squares

This classic oatmeal square is ready in minutes when made in the Steamer! Makes 16 delectable buttery chewy-crisp squares

Classic Oatmeal Squares


1/2 c butter

1/2 cup brown sugar, packed

1 t vanilla

2 c oat - I used quick oats

1 tsp baking powder


  • Combine butter and brown sugar in Epicure's Multi-Purpose steamer. Cook 30 seconds (lid on) to start the melt. Stir

  • Cook 1.5-2* mins longer until sugars start to dissolve and you get a nice bubbly sugar syrup - Photo 2 below

  • Add Oats, Vanilla and Baking Powder, stir well. Spread out.

  • Cook 2-3* mins, lid on. You should see small bubbles breaking the surface when you take it out - Photo 3 below

  • Let cool before cutting with a non-sharp object OR turn out onto cutting board & then cut with a knife.

*NOTE: My microwave is very efficient. The first number in the range is my cook time, since I know that many others aren't as fast, I include a cook time range.

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