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Best 'Tabouli' EVER - Gluten Free

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

I tweaked one of my all time favorite middle eastern salads. Fresh and lively and allows me to enjoy these great flavors without Couscous!


Combine all. Devour.

Keeps in the fridge a couple days. A big bowl is gone in one day in our house.

tabouli with grated beets

Visit my GFRR post for more details on how to make balanced meals.

Eating 1/4 of this portion is HALF a GFRR Grain Portion and 1 Veg Portion...

To Perfectly Balance for Good Food Real Results add:

a portion of protein (ie, 1 cup chick peas or 1/2 c of chicken)

a portion of grain/starch (1/2 c rice, corn, yam, etc)

Your Healthy Fat and your veggies are taken care of in this dish, although you can always add more veg as desired!

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