Thai Larb Salad (Gai Larb)

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

If I had to pick one cuisine to eat forever, it would hands down by Thai food.

✔️1 pound ground pork

✔️1.5 tablespoons toasted rice crumb (toast your rice over med-low heat, then whiz in your blender or Ninja etc) ✔️Juice of two limes ✔️2.5 teaspoons of fish sauce

✔️two teaspoons of Classic Epicure Chili Flakes & Garlic Topper ✔️3 pinches of sugar

✔️4 Green Onions, chopped

✔️1/4 cup minced sweet onion or use red onion if you don't have sweet (it's delicious raw!) ✔️Double the greens you see on the board (mint, basil & cilantro) My herbs were at the end of their live so instead of 1/2 c to cup of each I wanted I had only a small handful, still good, with the proper amount it would be AMAZEBALLS

✔️ Epicure's Herbed Garlic Salt and Epicure's Turmeric Pepper to taste

Fry pork breaking up into small crumble with Epicure’s Ground Meat Separator

Remove from heat. Add remaining ingredients, toss & adjust seasonings.

Serve on greens & with cucumber.


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