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Summer 1 - 2014:  

  • Hired an excavator to dig us 2 fruit tree holes & a 60' raspberry trench. 

  • I painstakingly dug out the soil to make garden beds along the path.  That was one hard summer! 

  • Planted the Plum, a Nectarine (since died) and the raspberries. 

  • Added a shade screen along the path for a future hosta location.  

  • Mostly dealt with home renos and chickens.  Tried a few veggies in a the open sunny areas to see what survived this new elevation a zone lower than before.

  • Added the back patio swings and the old trampoline yard bed.

  • Build a robust sun map of the property for future development

Summer 2 - 2015: 

  • Path changed from sharp rocks to soil /stones with plantings & mini rocks. 

  • Planted a dozen clumps of daylilies and tall white phlox throughout the yard, big showy anchor plants that look striking even when not in flower.  

  • Added my Hosta Garden

  • Removed planter & lawn at front (30x15).  Added paths and plantings. 

  • Had a few more veggies growing in 2 new raised beds. 

  • Added the apple tree.  Made sun maps of the property & dreamed of what could go where!

Summer 3 - 2016:  One heck of a year!! 

  • Leveled a parking lot where a slope dropped off with a tire retaining wall

  • Had a Walapini dug & build (many disasters along the way!)

  • Had a rock retaining wall constructed to level a 'lawn/garden'  Finally soil I could dig into!

  • Added a privacy screen/ grapes arbour (the cover photo on this page)

  • Added a Butterfly/Bee/Dragonfly Garden - 25' long, 10 wide at back.  Each hole took at least 20-30 minutes to dig

  • Deeply discounted and near dead Rhubarb & Haskap planted

  • Path re-done with pavers among the rocks, including a step down to the lawn.  

  • Added pool deck.  Removed collapsing retaining wall and mini pond

Summer 4 - 2017: 

  • Spring - Gutter Creeks dug through my perennial food garden.  

  • Spent 1/2 of summer away. 

  • Was the first year growing in Walapini!  Food was flourishing everywhere!

  • In early Aug my pool had a blowout and we spent WAY too much time putting in a new liner. 

  • A late Aug forest fire & evacuation moved in an army of voles and most of my food crops were wiped out.  

Summer 5 - 2018:  My 50th Bday gift to myself was my 3 level waterfall hydroponics pond!

  • Walapini roof changed.  Front yard overhaul with rocks rather than mulch between plants. 

  • May - we dug a massive hole where the old small pond/retaining wall was, ready for the new pond...

  • June - Tree falls on coop and it's crushed but miraculously all chickens live. 

  • I planted a small veggie garden of 'test vegetables' with their companion plants so I could see if the cats had culled the vole population.  Since my whole yard was going to torn up by pond reno equipment any day, I really couldn't do much anyway!

  • July: Remove the 100' feet of landscape ties dividing the path from the garden.  Fill gap with soil & thyme sprigs. 

  • Aug: Pond Reno starts again with new contractor and it's a smashing success 

  • Sept: Path to Office redone again to line up with new pond lines (third times the charm!)

Summer 6 - 2019: 

  • Added Asparagus bed in a 5yr old pile of animal poop from the neighbors

  • Added another new raised bed and a Hammock / Vines Arbor

  • Pulled out all grass and changed to a clover Lawn, removing 8' of lawn to give me more garden

  • Prune back juniper & discover a buried 4' deep planting bed! Turned that into a self-seed annual garden. 

  • Finally finished pool deck rails & cedar skirt

  • Planted food in every square inch of space & harvested like crazy!  Cats handled the voles!

Summer 7 - 2020

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