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Sprouted Grains & Lentils

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

My Sprouted Grains and Lentils is a family favourite! It’s a sprouted rice blend so it’a speedy to cook even with brown rice.

Note: Even without pre-soaking or sprouted grains, my brown rice is done in 20-25 mins, so try that too! Same method as below, cook longer! 💜 SPROUTED GRAIN & LENTILS Cook in Epicure's Multipurpose Steamer with LID. 👉🏼I don’t use the tray when I cook grains as I find they get stuck in the holes and it’s harder to clean. I am all about spending the least amount of time cleaning possible!!🤣

Sprouted Grains and Lentils

2 cups rice blend (I get mine at Costco)

1/2 c green lentils

4 c water + 1 c water later

1-1.5 Tbsp your fav Classic Epicure Broth Mix

2 tsp your Fav Classic Epicure Salt

(Mine is Chili Garlic Salt made with Himalayan Pink Salt & Epicure's Chilies & Garlic Seasoning)

Brown rice cooked in Epicure Multipurpose steamer with Epicure Broth

SOAK METHOD When I think of it at lunch I’ll toss my ingredients together to soak for the afternoon. I cook 4-5 minutes & assess. If it’s nice and hot & the water has been used up, I add the last cup of water & adjust seasonings. This batch was done in 7 mins cook time.

INSTANT COOK Cook 10-12 mins & assess. Once water has been reduced add last cup. Adjust seasonings if desired. Cook ~5-6 more.

NOTE: If I was making a smaller batch I would not need to pause and add the water separately, although with I a big batch at once it may boil over. Easy solve by stirring mid-cook or making less. 👌🏼

As with all microwave cooking recipes, depending on your microwave you may need to add more or less time.

This recipe makes a huge steamer full of rice and I package it up & send extras home with my adult boys.

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