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Meal Prep My Way - Leftovers with better Marketing

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

  • Feeling overwhelmed by counters of meal prep and bulging fridges you see on Facebook and Pinterest?

  • Do you wish you could just cook and eat?

  • Do you wish you could master healthy eating and rock GFRR & never spend more than an hour in the kitchen?

  • Are you stressed out by a laid out meal plan and just want to eat better with what's in your fridge, cupboard and freezer?

Welcome to my world!

  • I tested GFRR, Epicure's healthy eating plan, way back in 2015 before it even launched. I weigh 70lbs less and I've maintained (for the most part, damn summer Iced Capps). My story is here.

  • My first time round I followed the program week by week. I was testing the program and did it as written. I recommend you do that for sure the first time you do the program, you'll discover new recipes and food you love and then you can mix and match your favorites

  • I didn't and don't do a 'Meal Prep' day. I tried REALLY HARD. It's just not for me all the time, although every now and then, watch out! If a weekly meal prep day is for you that's AMAZING and I LOVE YOU and admire you and that's sooo awesome. If it's not for you, don't despair!!

  • I only cook max 4-5x a week and ideally never want to be in the kitchen more than an hour. Occasionally when I'm inspired I'll put on a great cooking show or movie or rocking tunes and spend more time. If that happens I might not cook a few days! WHOOHOO, celebration time, lol

  • I NEVER cook only what I can eat in one meal. That would mean making food 2-3x a day. 🤦‍♀️ I did that when I had a bunch of kids here and they'd vacuum every speck of food. If you're in that life stage, I get it. I did it for SO MANY YEARS and you may still need to cook more until your adorable vacuums move out. Hang in there.

So... what do I do. I cook. I eat. Seriously. Most of the recipes in the GFRR Guide are ready in 20-30mins. Make extras, eat it for lunch. It can really be that simple.

I have basically re-named Leftovers to 'meal prep'.

Sounds fancy and I feel organized, lol. Bottom line, we each have to find what's right for us!

I don't pre-freeze smoothie ingredients although I know people who do and it keeps them organized and on track, so it's important for them to do that. I have a basket on my counter with all my smoothie ingredients in it. My berries are right at my fingertips in the freezer.

Find what works for you to make it easy to eat your breakfast. When my kids were young I took 30 mins and prepped a ton of omelet ingredients to have ready in the fridge.

Average day I haven't planned ahead I eat a Nourish Bowl or use Build your Own Dinner. Note, I don't think in 3yrs I've had the exact same nourish bowl even twice! This is how my typical day goes:

  • Walk past garden on the way from my backyard office to my house. What's ripe?

  • Open Fridge. What needs to be eaten? What 'meal prep/leftovers' do I have I can use?

  • Did I thaw a protein? Oh, forgot. Open Freezer. Grab whatever protein I find. Thaw in my kitchen magician. Sprinkle with spice. Cook.

  • No cooked grain? Make rice, potato or yams in under 10 mins or heat up frozen corn in 4.

  • Do I have a grain, 2-3cups of veggies, a protein? Good. GFRR Building blocks covered.

Time savers I employ: When I make almost anything, I double it.

  • Roasting veggies? Great, do tons. Mix and match with a different grain and protein for a whole new meal tomorrow

  • Washing & chopping greens for dinner? Do some so they're ready for another meal tomorrow or next day

  • Making grilled chicken for dinner? Cook extra and toss it in a nourish bowl tomorrow with those veggies and rice from 2 days ago. Put on a drizzle of my fav dressing of the week and lunch is served.

  • Peeling & chopping carrots to cook? Do extras for tomorrow or next day

GFRR is healthy eating made easy. Find your stride and run with it

Happy Growing, Cooking & Eating!

💜 Dana K

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