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My Inflammation fight = Lipedema Action Plan

I've shared much of my Lipedema journey on TikTok and FB and some of you are reading this from there. I'll do another post about Lipedema specifically, but the #1 thing people want to know when they recognize themselves.... okay, what now?

I've had crazy body overreactions to inflammation for the past year, but I didn't realize what it was until late Spring. I'm feeling pretty decent now, some days amazing, some days 'better than before', but overall improving! So what everyone wants to know, what have I done to get to this improved place? The biggest part - FOOD. Second. Listening to my body. Turns out the way I've been eating the past year to heal myself, in general, is how I need to eat to keep my lipedema at bay and guess what, MOST disease is caused by inflammation, so the inflammation reduction lifestyle applies to us all!


  • It's absolutely #1, what you eat is key. Gluten Free, Dairy Free and refined sugar-free is a solid start. For most people, this will be the toughest challenge and this is how I can really help you in your journey That was easy for me since my 25yr career is about teaching people how to eat great food with less fuss and gluten using Epicure - so reach out to me and I can help you find the perfect products to bring flavor to your world while working on your food tweaks!

  • Sticking to healthy Olive and Avocado oils - there's lots of info online for various diets.

  • I'm eating beans and grains, so I'm processing them properly from scratch instead of canned so that I can mitigate inflammatory response.

  • TRACKING a food & symptoms journal has been the biggest key for me! I was able to learn about what foods have the biggest effect on how I feel.

Here's what I've learned so far about the other things I can do for inflammation

  • Get your Antioxidants & anti-inflammatories in!! Eat that way and supplement! My research &/or nutritionist pointed to: Omega 3, Bisglycenate Magnesium, Quercetin, & good B Vitamin complex (not just B12).

  • Daily Antihistamine doses - I'm taking Oil of Oregano 3x a day

  • MANY low grade chronic inflammation responses are from what you breathe in. Using a Neti Pot 2x daily seemed to have a dramatic improvement in my brain fog!

  • COLD exposure! It's amazing - cold shower or dunk in the ocean

Lipedema Specific

  • ELEVATE ELEVATE ELEVATE - Elevate your legs anytime you can!

  • Selenium and Diosmin have been proven to help, by studies. TWO brazil nuts a day (AND ONLY 2) are the perfect Selenium dose and Diosmin can be found in hemorrhoid meds if you can't find it on its own.

  • Check your D Vitamins, often Lipedema patients are low. Despite regular sun, my levels were in the toilet.

  • Swimming gives you the bonus of compression while you exercise

  • Use a vibration plate if you have one and go for daily walks

  • Practice daily dry brushing or other lymph-moving techniques like a vibration gun

  • Find yourself an MLD Therapist - Manual Lymph Drainage! Making sure your lymph system is working is important and helps with inflammation.

  • They're who will get you custom-fitted for compression garments to help keep growth reduced.

  • Lipedema is a connective tissue and fat disorder, so I added 2 collagens in March. A local Nova Scotia powdered marine collagen was delish in my breakfast and the berry flavored one from Costco was delish in my water. My bruising and blood vessel breaking happened regularly before and this is likely why my bruising is dramatically reduced. I'd been eating plant-based a long time so I def needed a boost. At the time I had no idea my bruising was from Lipedema - I'd been asking Dr's about it for DECADES....

Has it helped? YES! My legs are less achy, itchy and lumpy at the end of the day, my general brain fog is greatly reduced AND within a week of removing sugar I noticed an DRAMATIC difference to my tenderness levels - a poke is no longer torture!

"I'll get a Lipedema - is this you?" post up in the next few weeks, when I find the time in my amazing busy life. ATM I'm having a massive allergy flareup, which is why I'm finally sitting down to type this, lol. I have tracked what I've eaten in this meal and I have 2 potential culprits, thank-goodness for my food journal as I get my body back into homeostasis!

Happy Growing, Cooking & Eating! 💜 Dana K

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