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Easiest Sourdough Ever - Cook in your Steamer!

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

My first sourdough was AMAZING. I'm shocked. I saddened that I didn't start making sourdough decades ago. I grew up on it, you can't grow up in the Yukon without sourdough being a part of your world. As as a child, I remember the bag of sourdough starter floating down a river with us for 2 week canoe trip. 💜 Sourdough fry bread and pancakes have are delish too.

Note I’m getting this recipe published while traveling & using the app, videos don’t seem to upload properly, so if there are big gaps in this post they’ll be fixed up next week

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Cooking sourdough in a Steamer

Most sourdough recipes are quite involved, very soft and often hard to work with. Then my friend Cindy shared this YouTube MasterClass. This was all it took to get me hooked! If you've never made sourdough, watch the video! if you don't have a starter, the video will show you how to make one OR post on FB. I had offers of 4 starters in less than a day and the day after I posted looking, I made bread, lol

90% of the bread I buy is sourdough. NOTHING like this. The crust from baking it in my silicon steamer and then opening it for the last half of the cook, AMAZING.

The first thing I did with my sourdough were these gooey buns! Check these out! Mmmm

So, follow the video directions above for the details!

Measurements - Use your kitchen scale...

800g flour

460ml tepid water (also 460g)

10g Salt

320g Sourdough starter

Like the video I added ZERO flour to my dough, I worked with it as is and it was great.

Proof twice. The first proof is all the dough in your mixing bowl

Here's my dough ready for 2nd proof! I cut my e too early though...

Bake loaves in your steamers, in a pre-heated 425 oven for 25mins, then remove the lids and bake a further 25 mins

Some fun sourdough photos! I'm quite happy with my air pockets for a first attempt!

I did do two thing differently though, by accident....

1) mistakenly cut my design, an e, into my dough before proofing it. I'd forgotten that I was supposed to turn the dough over to cook it.

2) The top of my sourdough formed a hard crust as it proofed (maybe too warm by the pellet stove the stove) and I feared turning it would destroy it. I knew it needed vents, so I cut some downward thinking I'd end up with ugly inedible crust but the rest would be fine.

Hence this reaction as I took the lid off my steamer... Warning if watching with kids, I drop the s bomb 😂

Lastly, check out this crunch. It's AMAZING!!

HAPPY Baking!!

XO Dana K

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