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Prep once, eat lots!

Written in 2013 when I had 2 massive eaters at home: My routine every couple of weeks is to buy a few family packs of chicken legs, chicken thighs and pork picnic steaks. I spend 30 mins in the kitchen with a medium bowl, a sharpie, Large Ziploc bags, my spices, olive oil, Braggs (Soy Sauce), lemon juice etc and mix up a variety of super easy marinades.

I never measure marinades, by rough guess I'd say they're half olive oil and half 'other' and then I add seasonings based on how much liquid I have. In my recent batch I did:

Montreal Steak/Lime Marinade

Montreal Steak/Lime Marinade

Epicure's Montreal Steak Spice (way less salt than the store brand)

1 to 2 Lime Juice & Olive Oil

BBQ Marinade

BBQ Marinade

Braggs Soy Sauce, Olive Oil,

Epicure's BBQ Rub

Label your bags and pop them into the freezer.

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