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Non-Shuck Steamer Corn

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

This 3 second non-shuck corn method will change your life. Seriously!

AND! No need to heat your house with a pot of boiling water! I've steamed my corn in the husk in the microwave long before I got my steamer. The Epicure steamer shaves off a minute or two cooking time and keeps in more moisture so I use it every time now! I add no water to my steamer, just the corn!

Check out this slick way to remove the husk & silks. It's so fast & easy the kids have been eating corn for days! Your corn is now a speedy snack rather than a production of husks and silks everywhere!

Steam 2-3 mins for one cob depending on size, freshness & your microwave. Add 1-2 mins cooking time if not using a steamer.

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