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Fall Harvest Veggie Stew

My farmers market haul + squash and beans from my garden = this amazing soup - easy peasy! Let's do this!

Ingredients - whatever you have on hand. I used:

  • Random green beans that went to seed before I could eat them as young pods - or use canned, of course!

  • Cook Squash (I had some left from another meal) or see instructions

  • Baby Carrots from my last harvest or chop up your big carrots

  • African Sweet Potato Stew (we are NOT following the recipe but it's AMAZING as is!)

  • Coconut Milk

  • Turnip or Parnip or neither - you're in charge!

  • Green beans or chard or whatever green stuff you have

  • A lime cause most every meal needs some fresh citrus

  • Cilantro if you have it and love it! 🙋‍♀️

Method - this will of course require adaptation depending on your veggies

  1. Cook your beans! I soak all my beans (bean seeds!) a day before cooking. Pour off the soaking water & then pressure cook in fresh water ~18mins

  2. Toss your squash chunks, mix and enough water to cover into your steamer and cook until soft (5-8mins) or if using pre-cooked squash, combine steps 2 & 3

  3. Add Carrots & other root veggies to your Epicure steamer with seasoning and water, cook until almost cooked through - this was 8 mins in my micro - could be more in yours.

  4. If using Green Beans, add and cook approx 2 min

  5. Add Coconut milk, your precooked beans (Seeds) & quick-cooking ingredients, like greens. Cook until greens are nicely wilted.

  6. Add salt, adjust seasonings as desired - I love a splash of Braggs Soy Sauce for that umami hit! Squeeze in from fresh lime with your Citrus Press, drizzle on some Coconut MIlk & some Cilantro and VOILA!!

Happy Growing, Cooking & Eating!

XO Dana K Find me on Social: FB Epicure Biz Page Instagram

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