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Are you on the google train yet?

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Do you have files or photos? Do you work on events with others? Do you wish you were more efficient with your electronic time?

I LOVED the search engine, hated the email, passionately (long story), disliked sheets (‘excel’). I do not hate easily and I embrace technology change! I love new programs, apps, time savers and ideas.

  • Google Earth - hell ya, mindboggling.

  • Google Forms - 100% used it for 7 years… Not their sheets or docs though... nope!

  • If you came from Windows to google sheets or docs and are a mouse person, I’d bet ‘CTRL X’ and CTRL C and SHIFT F (or whatever those commands were) made you nutty too! A few friends have mentioned this before, lol

Ya’ll Gmail & drive apps have changed SO MUCH!!

  • I learned about Google Photos late Dec and was SO IMPRESSED by their short ‘this is us video’. My mind immediately saw how that alone would revolutionize so much in my business & life with my high volume of photos….

  • I went down a day long rabbit hole of videos and articles and googling my questions & trying things.

  • In less than a week my efficiencies have dramatically increased and I’m a beginner and probably scratching the surface!

  • I was sharing a few things with my best friend on the phone today and I was blowing her mind with the things we didn't know where possible, and I'm still new!

  • If you know more and you watch one of my videos or read one of my posts I WELCOME you to jump on and share your knowledge, kindly.

One thing I’ve learned is that Googler's think differently than those who designed microsoft & the average calendar & to-do list apps. Once you see the benefits to you of how Googler's think, it’s magical.

MOST things are the very much the same, but exponentially better!

This will change the ‘office stuff’ that none of us love to do and we all have to do! It also makes the ‘want to do’ significantly easier & actually fun. I’m no expert! I’m a 50yo business professional who loves efficiencies so I have time to do all the things in life that I love.

I couldn’t find the basic comparisons that said ‘this is how you did it in windows, word, excel, xyz and this is how you do it in google. Here’s how it’s easier, faster, more intuitive once you think a little differently’ I’m going to take what I’ve learned so far to my team so they can improve their life efficiencies for more time doing what they love & their business efficiencies as we all scale up for Epicure’s expansion to the USA. I’m happy to share this training with any and all so I’ll post it here on my blog which I’ll share to my page. If you know a lot or a little would like to share a story or idea please reach out. Let’s help each other navigate our lives more efficiently!

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