Epicure has 22yrs experience in Canada and is the largest Direct Sales/ Home Party company in Canada and we're coming to the USA August 2019!

⭐️Pre-enrolment. July 8! Be one of the first consultants in the US to get your kit! 
🚨Start your business for only $150 & share Epicure's flavor and healthy options
🚨AND Every US consultant that starts in July receives FREE registration to our Vegas Conference in August!


Who do you know in Canada or the USA that may be interested in Epicure? Please share!

This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity to get in on the ground floor and build an income stream while spreading our good food mission! Whether that’s holding a few cooking classes a month for extra money or building a 6 figure income like myself & my fellow directors have!

I've been a consultant for 21 years & Epicure has been my full time career for almost 18yrs and it fuels my passion to be of service! 
💜 I help people eat faster, tastier & healthier through Cooking Classes & Good Food Real Results. 
💜 The best part of my business is supporting team members to discover their passions, then helping them realize their life & financial goals so they can live their Epic Lives. 

My USA pre-Launch FB group is full of excited people who are chomping at the bit to get started and I’m sooo excited for the opportunity they have ahead! 💜 Now that we’re 4 weeks out we’ll be starting to share business building tips and training in that group as we gear up!  If you're not already working with another consultant and would like to join my group, connect with me on Facebook, Instagram or by phone or email!  

If you're wondering how come I'd be a fantastic sponsor and mentor - check out my reviews here.

Dana Kayal, Epicure Executive Director and Independent Consultant

1-250-681-3262     spicelady@danakayal.com

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DANA KAYAL    |    SPICELADY@DANAKAYAL.COM    |    250-681-3262   |    KELOWNA, BC     |    NORTH AMERICA