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Updated: Mar 20

I have self isolated. I can, so I am. #socialdistancing By me choosing to stay home, I limit the exposure for others with less options. Win win!

My kitchen is not stocked beyond it's basics. Below is the entirety of my pantry. My fridge has fresh fruit and veg. Frozen was sold out by the time I got there.

I haven't traveled out of province, I have no symptoms. It's simply my choice to work solely from home. I'm rare in that I know that I will thoroughly enjoy it as long as I stay connected by cooking with people here live. By me choosing to stay home, I limit the exposure for others with less options or that would be stressed by staying home. Win win!

So.. what will i be doing? I'm going be COOKING LIVE 5x a week on a set schedule.

Staying healthy is the BEST thing we can do for the world right now. I'll be sharing recipes and menu's loaded with protein, fibre, antioxidants, probiotics, ya know, all the good stuff that exists in whole foods - and I'm not doing a special shop. I'm cooking with the basics - vegetables, pantry ingredients & frozen whole foods paired with delicious spices - what could be simpler than that!? ALL TIMES ARE PACIFIC

SPECIFIC Video's will be linked to this post (in purple, once they happen)- ongoing, so bookmark this so you can come back to it easily.

💜💜 Tuesday - 6pm Eating Cheap - Make Beans & Lentils the star of every dish while never getting bored and without sounding like a fog horn💜💜

Each week I'll get 2 new proteins started on the soaking and sprouting process and cook

💜💜 Cooking with kids - 11am Wednesday 💜💜

Quick, easy & fun cooking for kids. I’ll post the ingredients by Tuesday - If you have them on hand join me and cook live with me! I’ll do it step by step & explain what I’m doing, slowly enough that can you & your kids can follow among.

Episode 1 - TACO's!

Episode 2 - Cinnamon French Toast Rolls! March 25th!

💜💜 Thursday 7pm - Movie Night & Indoor Grill / Raclette!💜💜 Even if I'm dining alone, it doesn't have to be boring. I'll be making a couple yummy sauces to pair with whatever other ingredients I have lying around that can possibly be put on a grill - so.. pretty much EVERYTHING - from dessert cakes, to gluten free flatbreads to fritters, to grilled fondue. Join the fun to recreate for your yourself! If you don’t have an indoor grill, no problem you can make all the same food in your frying pan! If you do have a grill, you could put it on your coffee table, put a movie on the Netflix and have dinner and a movie!

Episode 1 - Korean BBQ Raclette - featuring Sourdough Starter Flatbreads, Thai Peanut Sauce, Korean BBQ Sauce, SPG Chicken and Grilled Veggies

💜💜Saturday Brunch, 11am - as decided by you! 💜💜 Not getting up early, but YOU get to decide what I’ll cook each week. I'll let you know what I've got on hand and you vote the week leading up. Steamed Yam Coins with Chipotle and Browned Butter? Eggs Benedict? Fresh Sourdough Bread? Quick Homemade Hashbrowns that will kick butt on restaurant offers? Better than Bacon Omelet from my backyard chickens after we trudge out to collect the eggs? Chocolate Mocha Breakfast Bowl?

💜💜4pm Sunday - MEAL PREP MANIA = 6pm Dinner 💜💜 NOT 'eat the same dang thing 5 days a week’ meal-prepping! That makes me nutty, variety is key! Grab your ingredients and cook with me! Every week we will: ➡️ make a delicious seasoned Rice or Quinoa ➡️ roast off the various 'liabilities' in our fridges ➡️ chop up a few fresh veggies ➡️ prep 2 proteins - I'll do 1 plant based & 1 based on the meats I find in my freezer - I haven't purchased any for months so this could be interesting, lol 🎯🎯🎯By 6pm you'll be sitting down to dinner and you'll have food ready for use throughout the week!

Happy Growing, Cooking & Eating!

💜 Dana K

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