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Fresh Frugal February - 12 days & $61.67 left

Well I'm almost a month into this challenge and it's going surprisingly well! $250 to get through 6 weeks with the low-cost gluten options off the table. Since I eat 60-70% plant-based proteins and vegetables and not much meat protein, I'm still nicely on budget.

Plus when your food looks this dang good you know it tastes even better!

Learn more about the challenge here:

Here's what I ate the past week or so!


Mostly the same Mocha Breakfast Bowl or Iced Capp Smoothie I typically eat, although a few days while away on family vacay I did cook myself eggs. SOOO good!

Lunches and Dinners

I never prep for only one meal, so whatever I had for dinner one day is typically eaten for lunch the next day. I was away with family in Yarmouth for 3 days so rarely took photos, I also took $25 worth of Costco chicken with me to contribute to my eating while there.

1) Buffalo Cauliflower & Costco’s new chickpea pasta with Alfredo sauce & Better than Bacon. #buffalo & #alfredo from Epicure.

2) fried shredded potato, smoky mojo Runner beans & Paris Bistro zucchini. Paris Bistro is Feb ONLY!

3) ‘honey’ garlic runner beans & veggies. Ridiculous. I used ‘Honey Garlic Meatballs’, skipped the honey & made it #vegan

4 ) craving celery as you can see! Hummus with Guac spice, Trout with Lemon Pepper. Late night forgot to eat dinner, so threw this together quickly

5) Quick Lentil Soup, cooked live on FB - Sooo good & so easy! Random fridge veg (squash, carrot, turnip), onion, 1 c lentils, seasoned with 4c Ramen Broth & Paris Bistro. Thrown into the steamer until cooked through, hit it with my immersion blender. I added 2 big handfuls of spinach to my bowl & let the hot lentils soften it. My topping is a sautéed onion, mixed with Paris Bistro, Chili Flakes & Garlic & olive oil.

6) Pesto and Mayo Roasted Chicken while with family in Yarmouth

7) Brussels roasted with Bacon!

8) Quick Biscuits and Paris Bistro were a match made in heaven

9) Bolognese Lasagna I froze during my batch cooking

MONEY - $61.67 Remaining I gave myself a $250 Grocery Budget for 6 weeks, Gluten Free and using as many fresh (in season) vegetables as possible. I had very little fresh food when I started. Last update on Feb 4 I had $158.04 left.

Feb 7- Costco - Chick Pea Pasta, Hummus, Spinach, Mushrooms - Cauliflower - $24.95

Feb 8 - Costco Bag of Frozen Fruit & butter - $23.28

Feb 11 - $25 chicken to Yarmouth to contribute

Feb 11 - Quinoa $5

Iced Capps - 4 x 3.44

Tim's take out Dinner - $11.26

NOTE: The Tim's take out lunch (wrap - ate half the tortilla), followed by Lasagna, was my first Gluten in 4 weeks, I was checking to see if it made a difference. Yes, it sure does. Day 1 my arthritic knee is talking to me. Worse, my insides hated me and are talked to me viciously. By Days 2 and 3, I am feeling all sorts of aches and pains that I'd fully forgotten about since I haven't had them for weeks. So, that sucks, but I have proven to myself that I can feel AMAZING, and eat incredibly well & cost-effectively without gluten!

LEARN MORE about my Frugal Fresh February Challenge here! Find update #1 here Update #2. This is update #3 Happy Growing, Cooking & Eating! 💜 Dana K Find me on Social: Instagram FB - Page (most food content!) FB Grow It Cook It Group (more garden content) Scroll down to Subscribe to this blog ⬇

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