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Fresh Frugal Eating - Days 5-10- $158.04 left

I found myself a Costco Friends with Benefits! She and I both have cards but can't eat the Costco sizes alone without it spoiling, so we go sharesies on things! More details down in the money section after you check out my GORGEOUS easy as pie and a meal I'm still dreaming about Eggs Benedict!

If you want to see me make Eggs Benny live - find that on Facebook here or youtube here

The magic of meal prep! Eating in 11 mins

Other than the eggs, all the components of this breakfast were from former meal prep (aka, I made extra each time I cooked this week)

I do not ever have a formal meal plan because that doesn’t work for my brain. Instead I always have lots of meal components in the fridge to throw a meal together in minutes

💜steamed yams - skins were scrubbed and yams steamed 5 mins 💜 sliced cabbage & diced onion - From a live cook up earlier - General Tao Fried Rice/Eggroll in a bowl this week 💜refried beans from last nights live cook up, I used Guac & Fajita spices & added a splash of water during reheat 💜hollandaise from Mondays live eggs Benny Cookup - it reheats beautifully - add a splash of water 💜Enchilada sauce on my refried beans from Enchilada Casserole (here's my reel on that)

Thanks Epicure for helping me eat so dang well, so quickly! 💜

Learn more about the challenge here:


Sooo, let's talk money! I gave myself a $250 Grocery Budget for 6 weeks, Gluten Free and using as many fresh (in season) vegetables as possible. I had very little fresh food when I started (see my empty fridge here) so had a $36.64 Costco shop day 1. Day 8 I had another Costco shop for $58.27 AND I found a Costco Friends with Benefits!! She and I shared part of both grocery shops and she sent me $20.46. I also indulged in 4 Iced Caps in the past 9 days, using another 3.44 each. So I'm down to $158.04 remaining for my last 27 days, with $91.96 spent already. EEP

Frugal Fresh February Meals over the past few days!

Using up what’s on hand to put together quick easy meals. 💜


Still the same🤷🏽‍♀️ Mocha Breakfast Bowl or a shake. Boring I know but "if it ain't broke...don't fix it". I did however make that incredible Eggs Benny in 11mins!!! and treated myself to a beautiful breakfast!!💜

Check out my Reel - and join the IG Convo Eggs Benny meal in 11mins!

or find the video here on youtube.


  • No shame in my Hummus game! Sometimes store-bought with a Mix in of Creamy Garlic Hummus is a #totalwin

  • Most of my lunches were something I had for dinner the night before, cause why cook twice.

  • Or they were my Iced Capp Smoothie - cause obsessed!!!

💜Refried Beans & Slaw - plant based dinner in mins

This meals 3/4 for me from 2cups of raw beans & there is enough for 3-4 more meals!


1) Buffalo Chicken tenders cooked in minutes from frozen.

2) Donair Roasted Broccoli - that’s the whole bag used up now from Jan 19th shop. Rewind product PARIS BISTRO on my Roasted Rutabaga - ridiculous. Roasted Garlic Hummus & the last of my Refried beans. Green Stringy water & gf crackers for scooping!

3) General Tao Black Bean Fried Rice / Egg Roll in a Bowl - Done on FB live here

4) My gorgeous Delicious Refried beans made in mere minutes from meal prep earlier in the week. Catch that FB live replay or youtube

5) 💜Sometimes you just have such a busy fun amazing month end that this is all you can put together for your dinner! Had to jump on #zoom with my team to celebrate month end and recognitions! Sirloin Patty and Hummus & Corn from #Costco and my favourite Jalapeno's!

As per usual #costco & #epicure supplied the majority of my meals.

LEARN MORE about my Frugal Fresh February Challenge here!

Find update #1 here. This is update #2

Happy Growing, Cooking & Eating! 💜 Dana K

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FB Grow It Cook It Group (more garden content)

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