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FFF - First 4 days - $206.17 left

Okay, so I made it to day 4. It feels like a very been a LONG time since I ate 4 days of butt kicking nutrition. GAH, why?

Anyhoo, almost caved into a bowl of chocolate on day 3 when I forgot to eat lunch until 4pm due to distraction, when hunger hit I was a ravenous beast! Thankfully I had day 1 prep that I could repurpose into a quick Lunch Salad without even dirtying a cutting board.

REMINDER of the Challenge Details

💜Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

💜Roasted Broccoli & Chicken with Epicure Chili Garlic Sauce. Man. That’s legit ridiculously good!!

Day 2 Meals

💜Tahini Drizzled dates with Cocoa Crunch

💜Late & Large Lunch/Dinner of Philly Cheese Steak from Dec prep!

Days 3&4 Frugal Fresh February round up!


💜So far I’ve had the same breakfast 4 days in a row - Mocha Breakfast Bowl. I can’t stand having the same lunch or dinner but this breakfast fills me up so much and makes me feel amazing that I have no desire to switch!


💜quick spinach salad from fridge random - chicken & carrots from meal prep

💜Vanilla Smoothie Bowl - basically Ice Cream for Lunch!!


💜Chili Garlic Stir Fry in 5 mins from fridge random & frozen veg.

💜Enchilada Casserole - I lost track of time during a new consultant training and over cooked my casserole but it tasted stellar. Check out the Reel below.

You gotta check out this reel! Watch for my #steamerhack. It’s kinda a game changer!

Absolutely obsessed with the enchilada seasoning! Want to share it on Social? Find it on IG or FB to share or join the conversation!

My 'RULE' for cooking? ALWAYS do some FUTURE meal prep when you're making dinner. You should never cook for just one meal because then you have to cook again!! LOL, I'm all about the eating, not the cooking!

I love making my enchilada sauce with Costco Tomato Sauce rather than Tomato Paste & the only acceptable #jalapeno are Mezzetta brand!

LEARN MORE about my Frugal Fresh February Challenge here! My next post will include my shopping updates and more tips!

Happy Growing, Cooking & Eating! 💜 Dana K

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