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Chicken Taco Salad

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Came home tired after Foam Fest (Google it) with thoughts of the leftover zucchini lasagna for supper. I figured, with only 1 boy home that the two larger portions that were leftover would have 1 left for me. Nope! Plan B! Chicken Taco Salad, Kinda! I was planning to have roasted broccoli with my lasagna so I incorporated it into my salad. Make a batch of Epicure’s Caesar dressing with a tsp or two of Epicure’s Fajita & a generous (3finger) pinch of chopped cilantro. Combine approx 1/2cup Corn with a 1/2 or so of rinsed Black Beans. Toss with some Fajita Caesar Dressing. Squeeze some fresh lime juice over. Fry up 1 chicken breast tossed with Fajita and layer onto your corn/beans. Top with diced avocado. Season the whole works with more fresh lime juice and Chili Flakes & Garlic with Salt. Serve with Tortilla chips if desired.

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