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21st Epicure Anniversary!!

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

As I celebrated my 21st Epicure Anniversary last week I realized my life is SO CRAZY AMAZING & so different than what I expected when I signed up to get Red Pepper Jelly cheap! I’d never have anticipated that I’d leave my day job within 4 yrs to earn 5x the income working from home with my kids. I’d never expected that my love of food would mean traveling the globe for FREE. I’d never anticipated my life’s work would be to help others to achieve their dreams! 💜💜

So, I sat down to write out what my life will look like in 5 yrs. Where I’m living, what I’m doing, how I feel, how healthy I am, what every aspect of my ‘dream reality’ looks like. Wow. So bloody powerful. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE DO THIS! 💜💜

Many pieces of that reality have been long started and others I’m working toward more strategically now that I’ve identified them in detail.

I’ve earmarked 5% of my May Epicure bonus to hiring people to do the stuff that doesn’t need me. That will free up 40-50 hrs of my time so I can do the things that serve my goals best. 💪🏽

I’ve been doing brain downloads of ALL THE THINGS that need doing in my life, from needs to wants. So far I’m up to 7 notebook pages. Writing down all the things eating up space in my brain & cluttering it. Those little reminders, even if only subconscious, that xyz needs attention mess up our flow and process.

From the garden beds that need to be turned, to the garage that needs to be cleaned, to the weekly tasks /mental clutter I don’t want to be in charge of anymore. its all being written down and I’m analyzing which things NEED me to do them and which things only need me to explain and assign them & which things don’t really matter. 90% of my to-do list doesn’t actually need me to do it! 🎉

I want to spend my time doing what builds my dream life, what puts a spring in my step and what feeds my soul. I’m so incredibly blessed that I have a business where I can be a positive influence in the world & that allows me the financial freedom to hire others!

What does your life look like in 5 yrs? What’s on your mental to do list & what does not need YOU?

PS! Just like my garden doesn’t need me doing the things... your home does NOT need YOU to clean it. It simply needs to be cleaned. 💜

Dream Big and Find Joy!

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