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I've recently done a customer survey that has helped me learn a lot about what my customers are looking so I can be the best consultant to them. I now know what they want to see, how they want to receive it and so much more! 💜💜 Your demographic may want entirely different things, so if you do a survey I'd love to for you to share your results.

Key Points

  • Your google form collects all the survey results and shows you the results in graph form, individual form and a google sheet (free google version of excel).

  • ADD QUESTION: Your Email. Yes, you have it in your back office, but if you have it on the survey it's much easier to copy and paste from here than find it elsewhere.

  • Done by Google Form - very user friendly and with a short tutorial you'd be able to build your own survey (which is a basic form).

To save you the time of starting from scratch, I'm sharing my form below. You'll get an exact duplicate to save to your own google drive to edit and share. There are tutorials on Youtube, but after googling to find a good one to share with you, I decided to just record one. In it I go through how to add or remove questions, how I will use the information and some of the results. https://youtu.be/ghv2V2xw38Q

You can SEE my survey entire here bit.ly/DKCustomer in 'display form', although please DO NOT answer the questions. I can delete them from my form easily but 'fake' answers stay in the graph results. In my trial result I hit 4/10 for would they recommend me cause I was just hitting anything to speed through. My graph scared the poop out of me until I realized it was my own answer. 🤦‍♀️😄

I offered $10 off their next order of $40 or more as a thank-you for their time. Testing found it took 5-8 minutes to complete. So far 6 people have cashed their $10 & I received over $500 in orders from those 6. 43% of them are ready to order in the next month. How many of them will book a class?

This link will allow you to copy the form to your own drive to EDIT to your own style. Please do not use my words, they won't sound authentic, make sure your survey sounds like YOU and reflects what you want to know and the services you want to offer.