Cooking Class Recipes

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As promised, here is the menu & recipes for what we made, as well as other quick meal options that I demo at Cooking Classes. 

Takeout makeover - General Tao or Korean BBQ on chicken bites. Add veggies & serve over rice.  Also makes yummy lettuce wraps


Sauteed Chicken with Herbed Garlic Sea Salt & Turmeric & Black Pepper. – SLAY INFLAMATION with this colorful blend.


Steamed Rice cooked in the MP Steamer – 1.5c Basmati or Jasmine Rice, 3 c water, 1 tsp Herbed Garlic salt.  Cook 10 mins on high.


Apple Pie Nachos or Apple Skewers with HBR Drizzle Apple lightly dusted with Apple Pie spice.  Melt 2 tsp butter with 1 Tbsp Hot Buttered Rum, Drizzle. Sprinkle with Cocoa Crunch

Hot Donair Dip per this recipe.  Note, I used less mayo and partial greek yogurt

Spinach Artichoke Dip - per recipe and add spinach



Bliss Fauxjitos (virgin mojito).  1 cup water, 1 cup sugar, 2 bags Hibiscus Bliss tea – steep to make simple syrup.  Combine  Ice, 1 tbsp Syrup, 8-10 mint leaves, top with club soda

Cocoa Berry Shooters - Cocoa Berry hot chocolate prepared with milk


20 minute Thai at homePad Thai, & Satay Sauce per Good Thai Real FastSriracha sauce at ½ strength


15 minute Mexican!  - Fajitas & Guacamole as per the Good Mexican Real FastPoco Picante Salsa at half strength of the recipe

Speedy Greek Feast Greek Salad, Tzatziki & Souvlaki as per Good Greek Real Fast.  Lemon Rice