Cooking Class Menu 2019

Summer Fun w Spiked Teas!   V   GF  --  Donair Dip, Creamy Steak n Onion Dip, Greek Feta Spread 

                                                                                                        Hibiscus Bliss Mojitos or Spiked Blue Butterfly Tea

Blue butterfly Mojito.jpg

1/2lb Ground Beef

1 brick cream cheese

Cherry Tomato & Cuc

1/2c Mozza

Small Red Onion

~1/2 c Mayo

1½ c Greek Yogurt, 2 Tbsp Milk

Tortillas or Crackers or Chips

1 cup Sugar, 2L Club Soda

¼-½ c crumbled Feta

Teriyaki Dragon Boats    V GF          --       Teriyaki Chicken or Tofu & Aioli, Steamed Rice, Summer Berry

dragon boats.png

*see All Menu’s below

1 cup rice

1 carrots

½ c Mayo

1 Lemon or lime

2 chicken Breast or 1 pkg firm tofu

1 Yellow or Red Bell Pepper

1 head Romaine

½ c Greek Yogurt

2 Apples

Grilling Greats     V   GF        --     Chicken Kabobs, Rustic Potato Salad, Summer Berry


*see All Menu’s below

2 chicken breasts

1 bag mini potato

3 Carrots

1 lemon, White vinegar

2 chicken Breast or 1 pkg firm tofu

1/2c Mayo

1 Bell Pepper

1/2c Greek Yogurt

2 Apples

All menus - Oil - Olive, Avocado OR vegetable oil.   Lunch sized plates, forks, napkins.  


BEVERAGE OPTIONS - if you’d like to feature an Epicure  beverage here are 2 delicious choices

Blue Butterfly or Hibiscus Bliss Iced Tea - water & ice

Blue Butterfly or HIbiscus Bliss Fauxhito (Virgin Mojito) - Sparkling Water, Ice, Mint, 1/2c Sugar

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